CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” software is most identified with enterprise sales departments. However, CRM software can serve a useful purpose for CPA firms looking to improve client relations, meet deadlines, and provide additional services to existing accounts.

Many CRM systems display client lifecycles as part of a pipeline of revenue in different stages of completion. This can be helpful to CPA firms looking to prioritize and streamline workflow towards those clients in the most immediate need of service. Client contact can be scheduled and multiple tasks can be logged and assigned to personnel. In addition, some systems provide a client’s chain of command at a glance.

Over the years, many methods for specifically tracking CPA client projects and contact have been developed. However, for some CPA firms, a mainstream CRM system may be a better choice as it can allow more flexibility for personnel to manage and track projects and contact based on their role in the CPA firm.

A couple of modern CRM systems to explore include:

Highrise by 37signals

SugarCRM by SugarCRM

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